Wouldn’t it be good to eradicate the gender pay gap?

Our mission is to close the gender pay gap. The first step to success? Transparency, accurate data & your help.


From anyone’s personal perspective, getting payspective has its benefits. It helps you calibrate. It helps you plan. It helps you keep track. Not just on pay but also on lifestyle – job satisfaction, how many hours you work, what perks you get etc. And that’s all great – we are proud and excited to be building a tool that is personally helpful to so many individuals.


But for us – and we hope for many of you – none of that is the most helpful thing that Payspective can achieve. They’re all good reasons to join. But not the most important ones.


There are fundamental social issues that we – as a society – should tackle head on.


There is an alarming gender pay gap. There shouldn’t be one. It’s not good enough for us, that some are aiming to narrow it. It shouldn’t be there. Full stop.


University fees have risen dramatically. When my parents attended, there were grants. When I went, I paid ~£1,000 per year. Now prospective university students are looking at 9 times that. So wouldn’t it be helpful for our children to know how their choice of course or university might affect their job satisfaction and earning potential in later life? That would allow for a more informed decision over the return on investment of a mountain of debt.


It’s not all about money.


Working accounts for a lot of our life. Culturally, money seems to overshadow satisfaction when considering a career or a job change. I firmly believe that loving what you do, makes you better at it which, in the long run, means you are more likely to be successful and with that, the money will come. It also underpins productivity – the holy grail of economic growth that developed countries quest for. So wouldn’t it be a good thing if being happy at work was more of a priority – for employees and also employers.


We are all living longer. Hardly a week goes by without huge pension deficits at various companies hitting the news. Unless we start to work up to a dramatically older age, this problem is only likely to grow. So wouldn’t it be good to understand how much we as a society are putting towards pensions now and whether that is sufficient to defuse this ticking time bomb?


The gender pay gap; the rising cost of a university education for our children, job satisfaction & productivity and whether we will have enough to support us in our old age. These are all serious social issues. Tackling them is not easy. But it can only be helped by shedding light on the facts which are underpinned by real-time data.
– by Rich

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