Private Equity is hot. 41% of Movemeon candidates have their preferences set up to notify them when a Private Equity role appears on the site. Twice as many people who view Private Equity jobs choose to apply when compared to the Movemeon mean. Private Equity roles typically see two to three times the number of views as your average advert on Movemeon.

VC can be even hotter than Private Equity; one of our top performing London roles in 2016 was viewed by nearly 5% of the community and saw 240 applications. Sometimes hiring managers suspend applications after a few days owing to the unbelievable volume of interest.


But, are those in Private Equity and Venture Capital happier at work than the consultants and ex-consultants fiercely battling to get their foot through the door? Our data suggests the answer is that one group certainly is! We have launched a real-time salary comparison tool called, in which we are also collecting self-reported happiness data. Payspective has given us 1500 data points to date, which enables us to draw some very exciting conclusions in both what amounts to fair compensation and in what contributes to happiness at work.

Consultants reported that they were, on average, 4 percent less happy at work than the Russell Group mean. Those working in Private Equity were scarcely different, reporting happiness 3% lower than the Russell Group mean.

Venture Capitalists told a somewhat different story. Not only were they 20% happier than the mean, but they also worked on average 7 hours fewer on a normal week than their Private Equity counterparts. This put them on par with a 52 hour ‘normal’ week experienced by consultants.
That said, those working in Private Equity certainly are better paid… why not take the survey and find out how you compare?

– by Adam

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